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Types of Insurance We Offer

Life Insurance: We offer a full complement of life insurance products from top companies, including Term, Return of Premium Term, and all forms of cash value life insurance including Universal and Variable Universal Life insurance.* We believe life insurance is an integral part of your family’s financial security. In addition to basic death benefit protection, there are many powerful wealth management strategies that can be beneficial to many investors.

Long Term Care Insurance: The expense of long term care, necessitated by the loss of ability to care for oneself, can be as damaging financially as the loss of income or even death. LTC insurance can be very expensive as well. Furthermore, in today’s market many people have experienced large rate increases for their existing policies. Many more rate increases are likely in the future. That's why we offer innovative solutions, sometimes combining life insurance with long term, or asset based LTC insurance. Avoiding the subject is not the answer. Everyone should have a plan to pay for long term care. We can help you make sure you have adequately provided for this important element of your financial and personal security.

Disability Insurance: For business owners and professionals there may be no safety net if income is interrupted by injury or long term disability. While DI is sometimes expensive, the results of having no income for a sustained period of time can be permanently devastating for a family. We therefore recommend every person not covered by workers compensation insurance consider some form of disability coverage. We will work to create a combination of solutions that will help protect you and your family from this risk while keeping the overall costs in balance.


*Offered through my affiliation as a Registered Representative with United Planners Financial Services