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Tax Planning

Understanding the tax consequences of an investment strategy is nearly as important as the strategy itself. We do not believe the tax tail should wag the investment dog, but the tax impact on each client is critical to determining suitability of the investment. It is also a necessary element in comparing various investment options.

With that in mind, we seek to understand each client’s personal income and tax situation, so we can discover their most advantageous investment mix. We have experience and knowledge in these areas that will benefit our clients’ overall financial management.

Having said that, we are not tax professionals so we work closely with our clients’ tax advisors. We also look forward to assisting in end of year tax planning as well tax preparation each Arpil.

Key areas of tax reduction and planning are:

  • Retirement plans like IRAs and Roth IRAs
  • Dividends that qualify for lower tax rates
  • Tax Free bonds
  • Sheltered or partially sheltered income streams
  • Long term capital gains
  • Tax deferred vehicles
  • Investments that offer deductions or tax advantaged income
  • Strategic tax loss harvesting